575 Mt Eden Road
Phone: 623 4599

To the patients of Dr. Jodie O'Sullivan

I am excited to welcome Dr Kate Farmer who will be joining me as a partner at 575 in February 2018.  Kate has worked as an associate at 575 for four years. Many of you will know Kate already and know that she is a fantastic doctor. I am lucky to have her on board.  We will work as a team, therefore we hope that you feel free to book with either of us. I will be available on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, and Kate on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. You may have a preference to see one or the other of us and that is ok. We will be in constant communication with each other and so any queries you have can be directed to either Kate or I. We are hoping that the transition is seamless, but if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to raise them.

Dr. Jodie O'Sullivan



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