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Flu Vaccine availability

Funded influenza vaccinations are now available for all patients. You can now phone reception on 09 6234599 to book your flu vaccine.

Eligible patients include those with certain chronic health conditions, pregnant women and healthcare and other front-line workers. Please click here to read more about the flu vaccination and if you are eligible for a funded vaccine.  The cost for unfunded flu vaccines will be $35.00.

The flu vaccine must be given 2 weeks before the first covid-19 vaccine or 2 weeks after the 2nd covid-19 vaccine. Please check here to find out when you are eligible to receive your covid-19 vaccine. If you are in category 1 or 2 it is recommended that you get your 2 covid-19 vaccinations first before your flu vaccine. (This will include all those patients living in South Auckland).

Influenza vaccine does not protect against COVID-19, however it will help prevent a serious illness that causes hundreds of deaths and places significant pressure on healthcare services each winter in New Zealand. Improving protection against influenza for our healthcare workforce and for our most vulnerable populations will improve our ability to manage increased demand as a result of COVID-19.

>Flu Vaccine availability