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Meningococcal Disease

Meningococcal disease is a bacterial infection that can lead to serious illnesses including meningitis (inflammation of the brain membranes) and septicaemia (blood poisoning). These illnesses can develop quickly over a few hours and can cause serious disability or even death, so it’s important to get medical help immediately. Meningococcal disease can be treated with antibiotics. Early treatment is very important.

Vaccines that protect against meningococcal disease are available against the groups A, C, Y and W (Menactra and Nimenrix) and in mid October Bexsero was introduced to protect against the different types of meningococcal group B.

Learn more about meningococcal disease and vaccines.

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Immunisation Advisory Centre

Bexsero is a new vaccine against meningococcal type B. Read here for further information.

Staying Healthy While Studying

Read here for more information about meningococcal disease for tertiary students in NZ.

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