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Virtual Consultations by Phone or Video

Some health issues can be managed well through phone or video consultations, however, not all can be managed remotely. Some matters will need a face-to-face consult or physical examination. Others may start with a remote consultation, and then need a face-to-face consult to complete.  Patient safety is always our priority.

Examples of phone or video consultations may include:

  • Follow-up from a previous consultation after investigations have been completed.
  • Off Work Certificates
  • Long term mental health reviews
  • Long term health condition and medication reviews
  • Some ACC or WINZ medical reviews
  • Any matter when a physical examination is not required (note that your doctor may request that you attend for a face-to-face consultation).

How to make an appointment for a virtual consult


  • Book via ConnectMed and select “PHONE” or "VIDEO", or
  • inform reception that you want a phone or video consult with your doctor.

The phone consultation

Your doctor will phone you at your allocated appointment time.  It is important that we have your current phone number and you have your phone with you and turned on. (We will always phone your mobile number first).  We will aim to be on time, but due to unforeseen circumstances, there may be a delay. We will text you if there will be a significant wait. Please do not phone us.

The video consultation

You will need a device with a camera and microphone and an up to date web browser - Chrome, Firefox or Safari.  You will be sent a link before your consultation. Click the link 5 minutes before your consultation time to let the doctor know you are in their "waiting room". The doctor will connect with you when they are ready. Please note that we may need to revert to phone consults if we are unable to connect.

Click here to see more about video consultations.


The fee for a phone consultation is the same as for an in-surgery consultation and will be for the same time (up to 15 minutes).  You will be required to pay online on the day of the consultation. You will be sent a text with the amount and account number.  Scripts that result from a phone consultation will not incur any additional fee.

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