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Kia Ora,

We thought it timely to write with some information regarding your health over the coming months as Covid-19 Omicron numbers rise in our community.

My children are always making up acrostic poems, so here is my attempt!




We are open and can see you for an in-person appointment. This differs a bit from the approach with previous outbreaks where we were much more reliant on telehealth.

Telehealth options are still very much available but do come in for an in-person appointment if you require it. We need to know in advance if you have Covid-19 symptoms or are a close contact, to arrange testing and appropriate telehealth/PPE option to keep all patients and staff safe.



If you are vaccinated and boosted, then Omicron is likely to be a mild illness. As it hits the upper respiratory tract, sore throat is much more of a feature. Most people will not need any medical care. In the unvaccinated, severity is thought to be milder than delta but approximating the initial strain of Covid-19.


Get Boosted. Two for Delta, three for Omicron. Delta is still present in our community, but Omicron is taking off. That third booster dose makes a huge difference in terms of severity so anyone over the age of 18 who is more than 3 months past their second vaccine is eligible. Book in / walk in at vaccination centres or book in with us. Children are also able to be vaccinated with two vaccines 8 weeks apart. This is a safe and effective vaccine. My two children were happily jabbed as we cracked the first paediatric vial at 575. https://covid19.govt.nz/covid-19-vaccines/get-the-facts-aboutcovid-19-vaccination/



If you test positive for Covid-19, you may not be contacted by us directly as case numbers rise, but you will be given advice and contact details by public health (via phone or text). We will be prioritising those most at risk of severe disease. If you can’t find information and are concerned do contact us on 09 6234599 or of course 111 in an emergency. Whanau HQ is here for advice regarding home isolation:

https://immunisation.northernregion.health.nz/whanauhq/ or call 0800 687 647


Reach Out

It can be a stressful time and so please make sure you have support. If you are isolating alone, have a plan for others to help you with supplies if needed. Mental health is super important. We are here to help.



Transmission outdoors is very unlikely, so you are welcome to wait on our back or front deck or in your car for your appointment. Outdoor exercise and socialising are great ways to get through this outbreak.


Normal Medications

Make sure you have a month of your regular medications. Normal screening, preventative health checks and childhood vaccines can all continue.

N is also for News and Netflix - both of those are good but in moderation. Keep up the exercise when you are well or fully recovered.


Take care,

Dr Kate Farmer and the team at 575