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Measles Update

Current MMR stock in Auckland remains limited and we are reserving vaccines for priority groups. 
This approach is designed to protect the most vulnerable people.   From 21st October we have been able to expand our priority groups.

 Our priorities for vaccination are:

  • All infants from 6 to 11 months of age.  Note that this is not expected to provide long term immunity in this age group and two further doses of MMR at the scheduled times are still required.
  • All children from 12 months of age (in Auckland) and at 4 years to maintain the national childhood immunisation schedule. 
  • One dose of MMR to those aged under 30 years with no recorded MMR1 with an emphasis on Maori and Pacific peoples; secondary and tertiary students; teachers and early childhood educators; new mothers and family members of newborn babies (0 to 6 months old).

  • One dose of MMR to people aged 30 to 49 years old who are: teachers and early childhood educators; new mothers and family members of newborn babies (0 to 6 months old); and those who work in higher risk occupations.

We understand and appreciate that many of you are keen to ensure you and your family are fully vaccinated.

One MMR vaccine will provide 95% protection, while two vaccines will provide 99% protection. MMR vaccination is free to everyone under the age of 50.  People born before 1st January 1969 are assumed to have immunity to measles. 

Measles vaccines are currently being distributed to practices. Please return to the website to view updates.  Thank you for your understanding.


The symptoms of measles include:

  • Fever
  • Cough

  • Runny nose

  • Sore and watery ‘pink eyes’

  • Rash 

If you catch measles, you can infect others from five days before the rash appears until five days after the rash disappears. The virus is highly contagious and spreads easily from person to person through the air. 

If you or a family member suspect you have measles it’s really important to limit spreading it to others, so avoid waiting rooms and please stay at home.  If you suspect you have measles please call ahead and wait in our car park. 



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